Welcome to the Project Information Management System (PIMS)

PIMS is a one-stop shop to quickly and easily exchange information with the IEDC regarding your project through a secure, state-verified web site. A few of the activities you can perform in PIMS include the following:
  • Complete and submit your Application for Incentives (AFI);
  • Submit documents such as your annual report for certification, base report, and training reimbursements;
  • Check on the status of pending requests and receive important announcements from the IEDC;
  • Download certain project documents, including incentive agreements and certification letters;
  • Update project related information such as authorized project contacts;
  • Find answers to many project related questions.

All PIMS users are required to access the IEDC Submission Portal via Access Indiana.  It is important to use the same email to register with Access Indiana as you will use to log into PIMS.

If you have any questions or need additional instructions, please contact your Project or Account Manager.